"Layaway" plans available!  
We have payment plans to help you bring your new puppy home.   We take a deposit and then payments until paid in full.   At that time you may take your new frenchie baby home!
We are located north of Dallas in Corinth near Denton, Lewisville, and Plano, and not far from Fort Worth.

We are an animal loving family.  All of Our French Bulldogs live INSIDE our home with us as part of our family.  Puppies are raised with lots of love and attention in a family environment.  They are healthy, temperament tested, and well socialized when they go to their new homes. Our dogs are fed the best  high quality kibble and Raw Diets.  
Our frenchies keep their muscular physique and athleticism through daily exercise, including walks on our beautiful hiking trail.   They have HEALTHY noses and backs, which allow them to be the active frenchies we have bred them to be!   We welcome visitors by appointment to come and meet us and our great Frenchies!  We will take the time to answer all your questions about our Frenchies and our program here at Curly's French Bulldogs.
This page was last updated: April 18, 2014
Try Potty Park Risk Free!
Me and Sapphire Chilling at our local lake.
Frenchies are not natural swimmers, but if taught carefully they really love it!
   See our puppy page for information and  pictures!
Sapphire is a sweet gorgeous solid TRUE BLUE (DNA aa dd) !!
our solid TRUE BLACK 
(DNA a/a and carries both blue and chocolate!)
Topaz - Our sweet and handsome, thick Solid black stud!
He is recessive black gene (a/a) and carries both blue and chocolate!
We specialize in the exotic colors - blue, black,and chocolate, as well as black and tan, blue and tan, 
and coming soon.....chocolate and tan, and Lilac!
We have standard colors as well!
All of our dogs are on the best diet for dogs...RAW! It is often called the BARF Diet (Bone And Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). This is the food that our dogs just LOVE and THRIVE on! Shiny coats, less shedding, healthy weights, and healthy, healthy bodies! You should see them at breakfast and dinner time! We also give them all raw beef bones once a week. This keeps their teeth flossed and pearly white. They also get Yogurt, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, fish oil caps, and Diatomaceous Earth (fossil shell flour) every day. 
See our Diet and Health page for more information and details.
They are exercised and walked on our beautiful city hiking trail and love to splash around in their doggie pools in the summer. Good nutrition and exercise are vital to having a healthy french bulldog (or any dog for that matter!)
Introducing "Curly's Wolfman Jack of Bastille Ore!"
He is our beautiful lilac fawn!!! Co-owned with Bay Area Blue French Bulldogs
Trinity!  One of the first 3 blue and tan french bulldogs born in the world!!  She is gorgeous in conformation and color!